Diet Expert: This Free Device Can Get You to Lose Weight

Certified Weight Loss Specialist Had Weight Gain Problems Too!

When I was several pounds overweight I ignored it. Many pounds later I denied it. Then 75 pounds heavier, I finally admitted I needed help.

I tried to diet and exercise but the exercising gave me a bigger appetite than I had before I started exercising. So I began cheating on my diet, and quit the program, now numerous pounds overweight.

I decided to start from scratch and read all the latest scientific papers on weight loss. Several scientific studies said stress reduction is a proven and helpful therapy for beginners who want to shed some pounds.

Stress is a big factor on your eating patterns. You may be over-eating and emotionally eating without even realizing it.

We all have many stressors upon us every minute of the day, and not just concerning our food. But, work, family and relationships are huge, and it’s hard to juggle all these stressors and find the time to focus on weight loss.

Relaxation is the Device to Use for Beginning Weight Loss

Relaxation techniques done daily for just 10 minutes, helps quiet your mind, and keeps your blood pressure at normal levels. With a calmer mind you are able to deal with everyday stressors, and release them so your mind remains clear, focused and relaxed.

I am recommending a hypnosis technique called deep relaxation. A narrator gives you audio instructions on how to relax your body and mind all in one session. It should be listened to daily for 30 days for the best results.

Another technique to help relax your mind is called deep breathing. Find a quiet space with a comfortable chair and turn off the lights. Take in deep breaths to a count of 5, hold it for a count of 5, and then exhale slowly to a count of 10. You can add in non-vocal quiet jazz or classical music to your taste.

I found the deep relaxation very effective when I had cravings for certain foods and instead of going out and devouring them, I listened to the audio first, then feeling relaxed I let the cravings pass. The relaxation technique can help with overeating due to portion sizes and emotional eating if you’re feeling hungry most of the time.

Once you begin this small, simple change, you will feel more relaxed in all areas of your life, and have more focus to concentrate your time finding a new weight loss solution and end the weight gaining cycle.

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Bruce Scher is a Certified Weight Loss Specialist and author of Uber Diet Coach, a proven revolutionary weight loss solution. Publishers Weekly said “Diet expert the real-deal solution for weight loss.”

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