My Biggest Wish Was to Lose Weight, And How my Dream Came True

Advice from Diet Books Author Can Help You Achieve Your Goal Weight

I felt so subscious being overweight, my biggest wish was to lose weight. I couldn’t even look myself in the mirror without feeling ashamed at how I let myself get to this point.

As horrible as I felt I was still in denial. When my clothes refused to fit, I blamed the laundromat for shrinking my clothes in the dryer. Or it was my parents fault for my inherited genes or the large portions they gave me as a child. I didn’t need to go on diet.

Another sign of my denial was to toss out the scale, claiming it was not accurate always showing me gaining weight, never the same weight, or lower. Not facing the problem head on and early, still thinking I don’t need to lose weight.

My wake-up call came in the middle of the night with very powerful abdominal pain. The last straw was binging on ice cream right before going to sleep. In the morning the stomach pains were less severe but I felt so bloated that if I took one bite of anything my stomach would explode. If I saw the word diet in a headline I would quickly turn the page.

I’ve had indigestion before but nothing on the scale of this ever happened. I was really scared. I promised myself right there and then that I had to change my eating habits and lose weight.

I had gained the 75 pounds in just 4 months due to a motorcycle accident which left my right foot busted up. Not being able to walk my major activities were sitting on the couch, excessive TV watching and binge eating.

As a Certified Weight Loss Specialist, I thought I could lose weight whenever I wanted, as this area was my specialty. I had helped many others shed the pounds, I’d begin a diet and exercise program and watch the weight fall off.

As a health and fitness professional I was embarrassed and shocked when I couldn’t lose weight. Although I had helped others in the past, I didn’t have experience or first-hand knowledge on a personal level of the added mental and emotional toll that comes with being overweight.

I decided to start from scratch and read over 1000 research articles on weight loss psychology and the latest advances in diet and exercise. I applied the new knowledge to a new program and was able to lose 75 pounds in 12 weeks.

I have kept the weight off for over 3 years and feel so much happier and healthier being at my goal weight. I still consider myself on a diet, because watch my portion sizes, and feel much lighter and satisfied after eating than I did when I was overweight. Looking back at the process I have a few pointers I wish to pass on.

First I would recommend beginning a stress reduction program. The problems of work, plus relationships with loved ones and friends brings along a certain amount of stress, and add in a desire to lose weight, and it’s a lot to handle. It takes only 10 minutes a day, but it will definitely relax you and help you think through the problem.

Then, I would begin a modest walking program. Just starting with 10 -15 minutes a day is another form of relaxation, and it’s the beginning of burning off extra calories. Starting slowly with stress reduction, you’ll feel much better, and ready to work on your diet next.

Bruce Scher is a Certified Weight Loss Specialist and author of Uber Diet Coach, a proven revolutionary weight loss solution. Publishers Weekly said “Diet expert the real-deal solution for weight loss.”

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