The 5 Stages of Weight Loss

How I lost 75 pounds in 12 weeks

For whatever reason you ignore or silently acknowledge the yearly rise in your body weight. The average American gains 1-2 pounds a year, let’s not think of what your weight will be in 10 years. But can relax now, I will tell you how to lose weight.

You’ve read articles on how to lose weight, eat healthier, and exercise, but you have a handy excuse why now is not the right time to begin trimming your weight down. And go on to the next article about a cheap deal at an all-inclusive beach vacation in Punta Cana.

I am very familiar with the psychology of weight gain injuring my foot in a motorcycle accident, not being able to walk and gained 75 pounds sitting on the couch watching daytime soaps. Here are the stages of my unforgettable weight gain;

Stage 1 – Denial

It was fun in the beginning. I didn’t have to go to work, having all this new precious time to do whatever I wanted around the house. So I called and ordered online from all the restaurants in my neighborhood, finding many new and delicious ones I hadn’t known before the accident.

I ate to my heart’s content and when I wasn’t eating a full meal I was busy snacking on ice cream and potato chips. It felt like a vacation at a resort, I couldn’t go out because it was raining cats and dogs.

I weighed 135 before the accident and now weighed 150 hardly even noticing the extra weight gain. I didn’t acknowledge or think about my new situation at all.

Stage 2 – Admitting Problem

I was wearing mostly sweatpants at home and for the occasional visit to the doctor’s office, I’d slip on some chinos. I noticed the pants were awfully tight and my belt was out of holes.

It was a rude awakening I realized I have a new problem on my hands. My weight was now 165 pounds, and I needed new clothes. I became addicted to overeating and it was time to admit I have a problem.

Stage 3 – Investigating the Problem

Being a Certified Weight Loss Specialist, I should have recognized the problem earlier, but I didn’t. I have helped many people lose weight, so I thought my training should get me through this glitch.

Boy was I wrong. I was an emotional eater, eating not because I was hungry, but because I was lonely, tired, depressed and for many other reasons. I never had a weight problem before, and this emotional aspect was an enemy I was not prepared for.

I tried to limit my eating, it was very difficult and the weight kept rising, I was now 180 pounds. I decided to start from scratch and read all the latest scientific research papers on weight loss and devise a new plan.

Stage 4 – Avoidance

I read over 1000 articles on the latest methods in weight loss, and each day brought new articles on the subject. I was overwhelmed by all the research, and I felt helpless that I still didn’t have a solution. I would call my state of mind, analysis by paralysis, and spend many days into weeks trying to ignore the problem.

I was making progress on a new weight loss plan, but my weight gain did not stop. I was now 195 pounds.

Stage 5 – Taking Action

Everyone has a different reason or cause for hitting bottom. When the scale tipped over 200 pounds I knew my day of reckoning has arrived. I threw out all the sugary items, and salty snacks and became The Uber Diet Coach.

The solution I devised includes treating the weight gain from 3 areas; mental, physical and emotional. The techniques are using relaxation, hypnosis, diet, exercise and behavior modification to break bad habits.

I was able to drop the 75 pounds in 12 weeks, and I’m happy to report it’s been over 2 years and I’ve been able to maintain the weight loss, and currently weigh 135 pounds.

Bruce Scher is a Certified Weight Loss Specialist and author of Uber Diet Coach, a proven revolutionary weight loss solution. Publishers Weekly said “Diet expert the real-deal solution for weight loss.”

If you would like to visit a free online forum to discuss or read about others with weight concerns, please visit You can also click on ‘Ask the Coach” and ask Bruce a question.

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