Introducing Uber Diet Coach

Introducing Uber Diet

Certified Weight Loss Specialist Fought and Won His Own Diet Battle

I have always been fit watching my weight and exercising, but a motorcycle accident changed my world on August 12, 2012. I broke a bone in my foot, and within 6 months my weight ballooned from 135 pounds to 210 pounds. All of a sudden diet and weight loss sprung into my life.

All through the surgery and rehabilitation I feel sorry for myself and ate and ate to self-medicate the emotional pain I was living each day. I couldn’t control the amount of food I was shoving down my throat day and night. I knew this was going against everything I knew and taught as a health professional, but I didn’t care anymore.

I was depressed in a downward spiral of overeating, watching endless television and sleeping to fill up my time. I didn’t answer my telephone or emails and avoided my friends and family through isolation.

I hit rock bottom one morning when I clearly saw my bloated fat face in the bathroom mirror and started to cry. I no longer felt like a victim asking how did this happen, but how do I fix this mess I’m in right here and now.

Treating clients over the years I always recommended starting off with smaller main meal portions, skipping snacking and introducing a walking program. This advice was easy to give but being a diet coach I had never experienced the emotional toll being overweight carries.

I knew what I should do, but I was too depressed to get started, it seemed like an impossible task, I was trapped in this body and didn’t see a way out. I decided to start from scratch and research weight loss as a patient, not as a health coach and see what new pathways were being explored.

The new program I designed helped me lose 75 pounds and returned me to my pre-accident weight. This approach worked for me, it can work for you too!

I was under so much stress it’s no wonder I had a hard time getting started. One very important discovery I found to battle stress was meditation. It’s a simple 10 minute a day way to relieve stress and helped to lift me out of the funk I was in, improved my mood and made the weight loss program look more doable.

If you too have been battling weight loss but have presently no interest in trying again, because previous attempts were successful early but the weight came back, or you have never tried before, I can understand your reluctance.

We are all creatures of habit, and when you fall into bad habits, it’s easier to continue in that direction rather than to try something new.

But, I’d like you to consider, giving yourself a challenge to try something new for just 10 minutes a day, and something with such a small entry point, can make you thinner and happier, I think it’s worth giving yourself a chance.

Visit and receive the meditation app for free, you can always click on Ask the Coach, to ask a question, or talk to other like-minded individuals in our forum.

Bruce Scher is a Certified Weight Loss Specialist and author of Uber Diet Coach, a proven revolutionary weight loss solution. Publishers Weekly said “Diet expert the real-deal solution for weight loss.”

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