Weight-Loss: Are you Missing Out? Advice from Diet Expert

Weight-loss is a complicated issue. Are your portions too large, are you eating the wrong foods, or maybe it’s not exercising? Thinking about these questions when a favorite piece of clothing doesn’t fit anymore is also mentally exhausting.

And when we’re ready for weight-loss you may try the more well-known national brands for weight loss for help like Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem. Granted they work some of the time, but certainly now for everyone.

If your first attempt at one of these companies doesn’t work, you may throw in the towel and eat more because of your unsuccessful experience.

But failing one, two or even three times shows your desire and persistence to lower your weight. So you must keep trying other methods to solve this problem. It’s not easy but if you visualize the reward you would like to obtain, it can be done.

A very popular reward is attending an upcoming event, a class reunion or wedding in 2 or 3 months. You’d like to lose some weight so you’ll feel comfortable and confident with your body.

Seek out other situations like New Year’s resolution, a summer vacation, a promotion at work, or for a new job interview.

If you keep trying you will succeed. Not trying gives you no chance of obtaining a slimmer body.

Some time back I had a motorcycle accident, not able to work or move, I gained 75 pounds very quickly.

I tried many programs but never got the weight off. Out of pure frustration, I invented my own way to lose weight. And finally I was successful and lose the 75 pounds 5 years ago and it hasn’t returned.

If you’re thinking about weight loss visit my website, www.uberdietcoach.com and just talk to others in the same mindset for support and a sense of community. You can also send me a personal question from the website too.

Bruce Scher is a Certified Weight Loss Specialist and author of Uber Diet Coach, a proven revolutionary weight loss solution. Publishers Weekly said “Diet expert the real-deal solution for weight loss.”

If you would like to visit a free online forum to discuss or read about others with weight concerns, please visit www.UberDietCoach.com You can also click on ‘Ask the Coach” and ask Bruce a question.

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